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The Department of Politics, History & International Relations at Loughborough University (UK) is inviting applications for studentships (£13,290 per annum stipend for three years, plus tuition fees) to undertake doctoral research from October 2011 in any area related to the Department's research interests.

Applications should be received by Monday, 7 March 2011. Priority will normally be given to UK/EU applicants. Where appropriate, you will also normally be expected to apply for Research Council studentships. Dr Dave Berry, Dr. Alexandre Christoyannopoulos and Dr Ruth Kinna would like to hear from anyone interested in studying for a PhD in any area related to anarchist history, politics or theory. 

Dave Berry is a Senior Lecturer in Contemporary European History. He has published primarily on the French anarchist movement, the contemporary alternative left in France and on Daniel Guérin. He is the author of A History of the French Anarchist Movement, 1917-1945 (Greenwood Press, 2002; AK edition 2009) and co-editor of New Perspectives on Anarchism, Labour and Syndicalism (CSP, 2010); he is an associate editor and reviews editor of 'Anarchist Studies' and a founder member of the Anarchist Studies Network (Specialist Group for the Study of Anarchism within the Political Studies Association - http://anarchist-studies-network.org.uk/).

Alexandre Christoyannopoulos is a Lecturer in Politics and International Relations. He has published on Tolstoy, non-violence and Christian anarchism, and is the author of 'Christian Anarchism: A Political Interpretation of the Bible' (Imprint, 2010), and editor of 'Religious Anarchism: New Perspectives' (Cambridge Scholars, 2009). He is the treasurer of the Anarchist Studies Network, an executive member of the Religion and Politics research committee of the International Political Science Association, and a member of a number of related academic associations.

Ruth Kinna is a Senior Lecturer in Politics. She has published on William Morris and Peter Kropotkin, and is the author of 'Anarchism: A Beginner's Guide' (Oneworld, 2005; 2nd edn. 2009) and co-editor, with Laurence Davis of 'Anarchism and Utopianism' (Manchester UP, 2009). She is the editor of the journal 'Anarchist Studies' and is also a founder member and co-convenor of the Anarchist Studies Network.

The Department is home to an Anarchism Research Group
(http://www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/eu/research/ResearchGroups/AnarchismRG/index.html), and there are currently five PhD students in the Department working on aspects of anarchism: Cris Illiopoulos, working on Nietzsche and anarchism; Saku Pinta, who is completing a dissertation on convergences and divergences between anarchism and Marxism; Sureyyya Turkeli working on the historiography of anarchism; Matt Wilson working on anarchist ethics; and Gwen Windpassinger, working on queer feminist anarchism in Buenos Aires. Dr. Alex Prichard's research on the political thought of P-J Proudhon was also completed at the Department and his thesis successfully defended in 2008.

If you would like to discuss a possible research project informally, please e-mail Alex (a.christoyannopoulos@lboro.ac.uk), Ruth (r.e.kinna@lboro.ac.uk) or Dave (d.g.berry@lboro.ac.uk).

For further information about the Department see: http://www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/eu/about/index.html
For more specific information about postgraduate research in the Department, how to apply, etc, see: http://www.lboro.ac.uk/departments/eu/studying/research/programmes.html
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Hi hi! These two turned up in my inbox this morning:

SPECIAL ISSUE: Audiences and Readership
Editors: David Huxley and Joan Ormrod, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Consulting Editor: Roger Sabin

The Daedalus Project: The Psychology of MMORPGs

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With the imminent arrival of the final movie adaptations of the world wide phenomenon of Harry Potter, it is time for the sociological imagination to be cast upon the Wizarding World. Like The Psychology of Harry Potter and The Philosophy of Harry Potter (previously published works with which we have no affiliation), The Sociology of Harry Potter will be a collection of essays examining the series from a disciplinary perspective.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:
  • Wizard society, culture, socialization, conformity/deviance
  • the Wizard criminal justice system
  • education
  • stratification, inequality, race, class, gender, sexuality, interpersonal relationships, group relations, prejudice/discrimination
  • family
  • media
  • medicine, mental health
  • leisure & recreation
  • military, government, law & public policy
  • capitalism, work
  • aging/life course
  • collective behavior, social movements
  • emotions, memory
  • human rights, non-human rights
  • labour
  • religion, social aspects of death, dying & bereavement
  • art & visual culture
  • environmental issues
  • body & embodiment, etc.

Prospective contributors should send an Owl to the editors at RavenclawSociology@gmail.com by October 17, 2010 briefly describing their essay idea, what sociological theories and/or literature it would draw on, and indicating whether they have read the books, seen the movies, or enjoyed both.

Proposals will be reviewed based on originality, depth of knowledge of the Wizarding World, and grounding in sociological scholarship. Preference will be given to those who have both read the books and seen the movies.

***This project is NOT in association with or authorized by J.K. Rolling, her US or UK publishers, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, the American or British Sociological Associations, or any other official Harry Potter or Sociology related or trade-marked entity.***

Jennifer Patrice Sims, M.A.
University of Wisconsin-Madison
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One day conference, Kingston University, 9th October, 2010, London

Keynote speakers: Professor Fred Botting, Dr. Matthew Pateman

Plenary talk between authors Roz Kaveney and Naomi Alderman.


Lots of info )

Subjects might include but are not limited to:

• Time travel and destiny
• Photography and memory
• Video and history
• The Cyborg sense of self
• Amnesia and Trauma
• Avatars in Film and Television
• Death in Cyberspace
• Uncanny media
• Issues of identity
• Notions of power/authorship
• Issues of genre

Deadline for abstracts: July 16th
Notification of acceptance: August 2nd

Proposals should be submitted online using the abstract submission form

Conference convenors
Ewan Kirkland
Aybige Yilmaz

In case of enquiries please contact

Registration will open at the end of June.
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(I have already emailed Claudia to let her know that some trans men may be unhappy with the term 'transmen'.)

"I am carrying out qualitative research exploring the friendship networks of transmen. In particular I am interested in the role of friends in transmen’s lives and how gender identity may impact these friendships.

"The study aims to increase visibility of the transmen community in higher education and research in a respectful and non-pathologising way. Participation is voluntary and will involve a 1-2 hour interview.

"If you are an 18+ transman or FtM man, living as male in all or most aspects of your life, regardless of medical intervention and would like to take part in this project, please contact me for more information."

from Claudia M. Zitz - transresearch@hotmail.co.uk

Trainee Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychology Doctoral Programme

Department of Applied Psychology

Canterbury Christ Church University

This research project is supervised by Prof Jan Burns and Dr Erasmo Tacconelli.
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Oh wow, the MCRmy gets everywhere! Even into academe: officially even!!!


(ETA: DW shows a broken image :-( )

Image taken from the Call For Papers for the Not PowerPoint Again! Presenting research on women in popular culture differently Day School at University of York, 2nd July 2010.



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