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Maciej Cegłowski on how he came to love fandom, and why and how social media companies have it all wrong.

Fan is a Tool-Using Animal
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So, there seems to be a mini exodus of folk from LJ to DW due to the DDoS attacks on LJ. [personal profile] synecdochic has an explanation of what's going on with that here, and how LJ has been instrumental in providing a voice for democracy in present-day Russia (adding in her next post that if you run Windows and you don't want to provide a platform for whoever's behind the DDoS on LJ, you need to be running daily malware and virus scans with up to date software).

For once, I have a reason to be happy with LJ. But I'm still glad people are choosing to move to DW.

Why? Because I support DW's business model, and I think LJ's stinks.

LJ's business model is similar to that of a magazine: in a magazine, writers provide content which makes people want to buy the magazine and read it. But those readers aren't the magazine's customers; oh, no. Those readers are simply the hook to catch the real customers of the magazine: advertisers. Eyes on pages equals advertising sales, and advertising sales are the backbone of any magazine's business model.

That's LJ's business model, except with LJ, it doesn't even have to pay its writers, because its writers are also its readers. So, the writers/readers provide both the content and the eyes on pages - and some of them even pay for the privilege - and enable LJ to catch its real customers, advertisers.

No, thank you. I want a service where I, the reader/writer/content provider am the customer. And that's why I'm at DW, because that is DW's business model. It's why, in months when I can afford to, I pay a DW subscription. It's why, if I could afford to, I'd buy the longest, highest priced subscription every year. The fact that the folks running DW actually know what they're doing and are taking the time to develop the platform effectively and in new ways is a bonus.

If there weren't still so many people on LJ that I want to hear from and keep in touch with, I'd leave it today. If I thought people would make the effort to come over to DW to read my entries - even if they stay at LJ - I'd stop crossposting there today, too.
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http://dw-news.dreamwidth.org/16590.html - DW response to organised trolling attack attempting to put them out of business.

Anyone wants a DW account, I have several invite codes. Comment to get one - first come first served.

X-posted to 2xLJ accounts and 1xinksome account.

All set!

May. 4th, 2009 08:30 pm
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I've now imported all my entries from flamewarrior@JF and flamewarrior@LJ to flamewarrior@DW. I shall still be cross-posting everything relevant from flamewarrior@DW to flamewarrior@LJ.

When I can afford a paid account, I'll also be importing my other LJ account and cross-posting selectively, so everything's here.

(I think.)


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