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Great analysis of FanLib by [livejournal.com profile] telesilla.

Chris Williams' (pathetic) answers to fans' questions, as asked by Henry Jenkins.

Great commentary on CW's answers by [livejournal.com profile] elfwreck on [livejournal.com profile] life_wo_fanlib.
(My favourite quote from her analysis: They're trying to claim "clueless newbie" and get sympathy points for that... they fail to understand (or expect us not to notice) that we didn't ask for their service, and if they want us to use it, they'll have to find a sales pitch more appealing than "O HAI U CAN ARKIVES YR FICS HEER.")
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To make money, of course:

Information from FanLib's marketing brochure, dug up by [livejournal.com profile] cheshyre and found by me at [livejournal.com profile] darkrosetiger.

Henry Jenkins' analysis, with some spot on comments from fans after.

Chris Williams' response to fans' response to the idea:
"hey everyone, I'm Chris one of the founders of FanLib. it's really late and i have been working on the site all day. I'm exhausted but i just realized what was going on here and all of the commentsts are making me sick. we're a small company with 10 emplyees who work 16 hours a day to try and make a great website. we're real people! with feelings and everything! we have been working on this and dreaming about it for a long time and you are just here to shit on it without giving us a chance. i care deeply about what you think but this is crazy. we're good people here and you make us sound like we're an evil corporation or the govt. sending your kids to war or something. we really are all about celebrating fan fiction and fan fiction readers and writers. im sorry this is so short and please excuse the fact that i am cutting and pasting this across a bunch of ljs but i gotta get some sleep."

This would be hilarious, except he's the guy with the money. So, he's feeling hurt. Aw, poor ickle businessman with his $3,000,000 of venture capital behind him. ::rolls eyes:: Of course, he could have done some research and got to know the people who've been putting their time and effort and energy and creativity into fandom for decades.

I can't see anything in what I currently know of FanLib that makes me want to give my writing away to them for free to profit from. Meg, one of the commenters on Henry Jenkins' blog puts it best:
If Mr. Williams needs a business metaphor, let's try this one. He is in a city of small cafés and little niche bookstores and tiny, cozy restaurants that are definitely affordable (in fact, free) and run by people who I know, in fact sometimes run by people I've known for years.

And he seeks to introduce an overpriced McDonald's run by an outsider that is clearly trying to disguise itself as one of the gang when it's clearly only there for the purposes of making money.

Why would I accept a subpar product when I can go to my friend around the corner and say "give me the house special", knowing that I love and adore the house special?


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