Sep. 4th, 2015 01:49 pm
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I've spent most of the day so far with my eyes filling up at the huge groundswell of people in my region of Scotland giving donations of food, clothes, toiletries, firewood and more, in an organised way, to support refugees at "The Jungle" in Calais. The name of this initiative? Massive Outpouring Of Love.

We are connecting with Calaid for their collection event at the beginning of October:

There is also an organisation called Kos Kindness which is collecting for refugees on Kos, Greece:

This pouring out of hearts at the grassroots is happening all over Europe: not just donations of goods and money, but thousands offering a place to stay in their own homes, for example:

Politicians presently seem happy to let people drown and starve, but good, loving people are everywhere. Please be one of them.

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Creating and relating are the only things that mean a thing to me; which is to say, love:

for DW:

or, the same in a different voice:

for DW:

ETA: Youtube video is not embedding :-( Will fix it when I get back from picking up [ profile] tanais.

ETA2: Youtube video doesn't work in DW, apparently. This makes me sadface. :-(

Feb. 14th, 2009 12:16 pm
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::loves my house full of love::

I hope you're all having a loved-up Valentine's. I'd make rose biscuits if I still had any rose oil...
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Its that time again...Yipeeeeeeeee!

The 3rd Reclaim Love Party will take place at 2.30pm at the Eros Statue, Piccadilly Circus, in the heart of london on SATURDAY the 11th of February.

In the same tradition as before the Samba band, bicycle sounds system with funky love beats and free on the spot prizes will be there along with a free valentine card making stall for kids and adults alike.

At this time of year, Valentines Day, shopkeepers encourage you to buy something to prove you love someone. Maybe a teddy bear made in a sweat shop in China by a small child, with "I LOVE YOU" sewn on to it. Or perhaps a diamond ring which has come from an industry rife with human rites abuses.

Well, O-I-L (One-In-Love) encourages us to Reclaim LOVE, which O-I-L claims is our most valuable resource and celebrate it together for free on the streets. Bring your kids, your grannies and your Love along at 2.30 prompt and join in the Love circle that sends Love and healing out to all the beings in all the worlds for free. Last year we had 300 lovely people in the circle sending out the love. This year we welcome all those who came last year back and anyone else who would like to come. Its a beautiful, uplifting and memorable thing to do in the winter in london. It`s as hot as a summers day with the love and the light coming from all the lovely smiling faces dancing together as One.

We are O-I-L, One-In-Love.

We are not a cult. We just love Love, and peace is the by-product of love, so its up to us to raise the vibration on the planet..yipeeeeeeeee

Check the website for maps, inspiration and previous O-I-L things



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